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Wow! Beautiful Ivanna Lace is going to fill your mind with hot, horny thoughts and float through your dreams. She has a talent for that, one of her many talents.

Ivanna’s new tight red dress hugs her curves like a roll of cellophane, and after she sensuously models it, turning around slowly to show off every angle, Ivanna enters her bedroom and opens her dresser.

Taking a selection of bras and panties from her dresser, she places them on top of the dresser. Slipping off her dress, Ivanna models the bra and panties she has on, jiggling her big boobs. She does it right, and at the right speed, letting us examine how her bras and panties look on her gorgeous body.

The camera frames Ivanna’s full body, and as she tries on each bra and panty set, she dances and wiggles, walking back and forth by her bed. After four changes of underwear, Ivanna puts on a blue teddy and gets into bed.

Ivanna’s comfy-looking bed is not for sleeping right now. It’s for playtime. She pulls on her huge tits and licks her pointy nipples. Putting lube on her fingers, Ivanna sticks them deep into her pussy to make it slippery for her thick fuck-stick so it’ll slide in nice and deep. Ivanna gets every inch in while talking about her juicy pussy. She flips over to get on her knees and continues to work the dong in deeper, eager to cum. Now she’s ready for a nap.