These Boots Are Made For Street Walkin’

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Candy Manson sets up shop at a bus stop. There’s lots of fresh air and sunshine in this kind of work space and there’s a good amount of foot traffic that brings in the customers. Candy has no overhead and generally meets the kind of men that suit her. They’re not governors or bankers, but those guys are cheapskates anyway. Why do girls named Candy look so sexy? We’ve never seen a butterface named Candy.

While other girls in her profession hang out in bars or dark alleys, Candy enjoys the scenery and the fine gentlemen she meets waiting for the next bus. And she’s become quite an expert on routes and schedules.

Today, Candy wears knee-high boots, the kind that look great on super-heroines or hookers, and a sexy outfit that looks more like a swimsuit than a dress. Looking as sexy as she does and dressed the way she is, finding new poke-pals is easy. Her latest client brings her back to his place to get his man-juice sucked out. The funds he saved taking buses is going to a good purpose. However, she does not accept bus transfers as currency. Please keep this in mind.