Stepdaughter Carly is trying to get her college work done, but can’t help but be distracted by her phone. Stepdad Luke catches her and tells her off for being so unfocused. Despite telling her she keeps using the phone till Luke explodes telling her that him and her mother have spent thousands of fucks on her education but what do they get in return?

Stepdaughter Amber is asked to go out and get a present for her mums birthday by her stepdad. When stepdad Billy returns a few hours later she still hasn’t bought one despite it being her mother’s birthday that day. Stepdad Billy is so angry with her and tells her what a selfish and lazy bitch she is and the only thing she is good for is sucking tool!

Stepdaughter Stacey is not the cleanest person and leaves a trail of mess around the kitchen. Her stepdad Seth is a clean freak and it drives him insane to see the mess she has made. After repeatedly asking her to clean up he has had quite enough, and the only thing left to do is to punish the dirty little bitch.

Stepdad Max is fed up of his stepdaughter ignoring and disrespecting him. Every time he asks her to do something she tells him “sshhh!” There’s only so much he can take before having to discipline this disrespectful slut.

Stepdad Luke catches his stepdaughter outside with scumbag Mickey. When she comes he tells her that she can’t be with him because he is no good for her, but Yasmina is having none of it and insists she will see whoever she wants to see. He reminds her that it’s his house and his rules and if he tells her to do something she does it, even if it does mean give heading his banana.

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