Lila Lovely: Personal Training For Hot XLGirls

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Lovely Lila Lovely hires a personal trainer to help her with her fitness program. Nicky Rebel agrees to train her at home. After eyeing Lila up and down, Nicky decides to start Lila’s first session by stretching her out. He’s thought about stretching Lila out since he met her body.

They begin with some leg stretches. Nicky starts to lose his mind as he manipulates the body of the sexy blonde and gets a hard-on, as we all would in his position.

Lila’s breasts pop out of her top when Nicky has her do jumping jacks. When that happens, the training session ends. Nicky reaches out to suck Lila’s nipples. She likes that just as much as he does and enjoys how he handles her tits. She takes off her tank top and bends over to let him inspect her juicy ass cheeks. Peeling down her tight Yoga pants, Nicky finger-fucks her, strips her down to her panties and licks out her pussy. She spreads her lips with her fingers so he can tongue her deeper.

One good lick deserves another. Lila depants Nicky and opens her mouth to deep-throat his dick. She sits on his pole, wet from her blow job, and fucks him. This exercise and the ones that follow are not in the personal trainer’s playbook but they’re just as beneficial as any aerobic workout.