Laura Tithapia: The Nurse Will Screw You Now

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Perry Layne goes to see a doctor we recommended but he’s not in. Luckily for Perry, his hot nurse Laura Tithapia is in. Laura is the kind of nurse who works all day with her big jugs ready to fall out of her bra. That’s one of the main reasons we sent Perry to this clinic.

Taking the doctor’s place, Laura asks Perry to describe his problem. This is a sad story and a little awkward for Perry because he was expecting a male physician not a big-boobed nurse with a lot of bounce to the ounce. Perry explains that he has an erection that won’t go down. He doesn’t know how to get Mr. Boner to go to sleep.

Laura looks Perry over. She examines his bulge and is impressed when he pulls his pants down. She examines his cock by hand and milks it a bit. This situation calls for an oral exam, so Laura gets busy putting a lip-lock on his cock.

Perry’s noticed Laura’s heavy hooters and very sexy body and guesses correctly that she might be game for some procedures he has in mind. She kneels to open her mouth for his tongue depressor and gives him a good sucking. Deciding that the only way to reduce the penis pressure is by sucking and tit-fucking followed by having him stick her in the pussy and butthole, Nurse Laura proceeds with her course of therapy.

Laura escorts Perry over to the bed and begins her treatment. She really goes wild when Perry fucks her asshole while she rubs her clit. She is a true angel of mercy, although, it’s the oddest looking clinic we’ve ever seen. It must be some kind of alternative medicine center.