Kitty Cute’s Rub Down, Rub Up Massage Parlor

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Kitty Cute’s gigantic boobs are nature’s gifts to mankind. Those soft hands provide relief, but rather than reduce swelling, Kitty’s massage causes more swelling.

Kitty massages Tom’s arm and takes off her top, leaving her bra on. She resumes her massage. Tom loses his mind and feels Kitty’s breasts. That would normally get a client escorted out in most professional and at-home spas.

Kitty oils her boobs, puts oil on Tom’s cock and rolls her tits over it. She works Tom’s cock over with her hands and gives him more titty-fucking.

Tom and Kitty lick her tits, and when Tom gets on his back again, Kitty gets on top of him and fucks him. Kitty lies back so Tom can pump her pussy in missionary. Kitty’s manipulations pop Tom’s thermometer. He squirts his nut all over Kitty’s titties. It’s the finest massage Tom ever had.