Kamille Amora: What Are Breast Friends For?

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You know her. You love her. Kamille Amora, a popular graduate of XLGirls.

When a guy has a friend with a big-boobed girlfriend, and she invites him over to her place to talk about her problems with said boyfriend, is it possible to not wind up fucking in bed?

Kamille complains to Brick Danger that his buddy is not paying any kind of attention to her and hasn’t been giving her the sex she needs.

Brick comes over because he wants to fuck Kamille. Otherwise, he would just talk to her on the phone or over the web. But Brick is eager to suck on those big and heavy titties, feed Kamille hard cock and then plunge it into her pussy every which way. Kamille feels the same about banging Brick’s brains out or she wouldn’t be waiting on her bed for him, ready for action. She reaches out and Brick moves in on her boobs.

His bro may be his best friend but Kamille is his breast friend, and breast friends cum first. He can always dive out the window if his buddy comes home early.