Billie Busts Out

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“This is what you came for right?” Billie says as she unbuttons her top. “I’ll show you how we do it in Texas. These are homegrown Texas titties.”

Those tits, which are juicy 42H-cup tatas, are a pair of Grade-A breasts. Those are the only kind we accept around these parts.

“Do you want a peek at these titties?” She asks. “They want to see you.”

Billie’s nipples are already hard when she takes her top and bra off, and they look ready for a good suck.

“Tell me you wouldn’t want your lips wrapped around those nipples,” she says.

She’s definitely reading our minds, but sucking on those sucklers would just be the start. A girl with Billie’s curves gives you a lot to work with and explore, and we’re going to enjoy every inch.

When Billie takes her jean shorts off, we finally get to explore that luscious body. Teasing us, she fondles her tits and rubs her pussy.

“Oh, that’s a sweet pussy,” she says. “You should come here and taste it.”

We wish we could, but it’s almost as much fun to watch Billie work on herself. Her clit is fully-erect now and she’s pushing herself to an orgasm. When she finally does climax, she pulls her fingers out of her cunt and rubs her juices onto her nipples.