A Double Dickdown For Sylvia Bateman

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Sitting on the edge of the bed, Sylvia Bateman introduces her threesome scene with Oliver and Tyler. These lucky guys make friends easily when the new friend is cute, bubbly, cuddly, young and has big, soft tits and a big, juicy ass. Like Sylvia.

Sylvia calls them over to flank her and they rush over to unwrap their new gift. They pull Sylvia’s top and bra down and gorge on her big boobs, loudly sucking and feeling her smooth, warm breast-flesh.

Tyler gets behind Sylvia and plays with her tits some more. He lifts one nipple to her mouth so she can lick it. She’s eager to see their cocks and they’re happy to oblige. Sylvia bends over Oliver and sucks his dick, jerking Tyler with her free hand.

The guys want to see how much cock Sylvia can get down her throat. They take turns fucking her breasts and her mouth. On her back, her head over the edge of the bed, Sylvia has her tits fucked by Oliver while Tyler feeds her dick-meat.

It’s not easy to take their cocks out of Sylvia’s comfortable cleavage. Placing Sylvia on her hands and knees, Tyler gives her ass a few smacks, then fucks her from behind. Oliver enjoys more of Sylvia’s teenage throat.

It’s Oliver’s turn to fuck this sexy girl-next-door. Sylvia gets on her back so Oliver can pump her pussy. It’s unusual these days to see pussy hair, especially on one so young, hopefully a growing trend. While Sylvia’s fucked in missionary, her arms at her sides, Tyler lowers his balls into her mouth and enjoys her tongue magic.

Tyler tells Sylvia to sit on the bed so they can cum all over her. One man blasts her chest. The other man creams her pretty face.